6 Reasons to Use Aurifil 50-wt Cotton Mako Thread for Piecing

What’s the best thread for piecing? Aurifil 50-weight 100 percent cotton Mako thread is the only thread I use. Here’s why:

  1. 50-weight cotton Mako is a thinner strand of thread. Thinner thread means flatter seams and less bulk when multiple seams come together.
  2. It’s strong and doesn’t give off as much lint as other cotton threads.
  3. Your bobbin will hold more 50-weight Mako thread than 40-weight—less time spent winding and changing bobbins.
  4. Three size options:  220-yard spool, 1422-yard spool, and 6,452-yard cone. I buy the cone for piecing and never worry about running out of thread in the middle of a project.
  5. 252  colors are available as of this writing. (Aurifil sells its thread by number, not by color name.)
  6. I’ve never encountered a knot on a spool of Aurifil.

Here are the three colors I have on hand that have worked with every recent project:

Thread on hand

#2370 (taupe)

#5004 (medium gray)

#2324 (light beige)






There’s no need to find an exact color  match for piecing. It’s more economical to use a thread that blends with the fabrics in your project. I used light beige, #2324, to piece this top.




Aurifil is popular—most of my local quilt shops carry at least a few colors. For cones, or to find the full palette of colors, look online. Check out www.allthatthread.com for a huge variety of colors. This vendor is very helpful and can answer any questions you might have about Aurifil. They also sell thread charts showing all 252 color choices.

It’s good to match your needle to the thread you’re using. For 50-wt,  I use Schmetz Microtex 70/10 Sharps.

Do you have a favorite thread?

3 responses to “6 Reasons to Use Aurifil 50-wt Cotton Mako Thread for Piecing”

  1. Ellie

    I always go for the orange cone! Hands down Aurifil is my favorite thread. I am lucky enough to have a friend who gifts me with an Aurifil palette for my birthday every year. Now I have an Aurifil rainbow in my sewing room.

  2. Kathy Raabe

    Because Alex awarded me all three colors for being the first to post AND I've fallen in love with Aurifil. Thank you, Alex!!!

    1. susanquilts

      Wonderful! You will love having these on hand.

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